try Graves jung before they nerf him


After rework Graves place is in jung since his auto attack is perfect for resetting jungle creeps, with a little bit of kiting you can clear top and bot part of jungle with one pot. Start blu ofc you can allways go do lvl 3 gank then red. Graves is have fast junlge clear time so try to ward enemy jungle and invade as much as you can. Ganking … well just go in lane and start shooting if they flash just dash and finish job. Warning Graves is squishy he will die fast, try keeping enemy at range Rapid Firecanon will help with that.

Runes AD

Greater Quintessence Of Attack Speedgreater-mark-of-attack-damagegreater-seal-of-armorgreater-glyph-of-magic-resist

Masteries 18/0/12

warlords-bloodlustkeystone Warlords Bloodlust

Item build goes something like this

skirmishers-sabre-warrior boots-of-swiftnessrapid-firecannon steraks-gage the-bloodthirster

Last item … recommending some thing with crit 😀

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Preseason 6 in League of Legends

Every season comes with changes to a game play, like ADC jungle, and in order it to work Rito must balance it before season start so it won’t be abused by players. And ofc some champions will become OP (over powered) now that means you will see some champions that you just don’t see at all. Here is few champions that will rune your day in this preseason.

We start with Dr. Mundo. He is our favorite idiot in League that We love to play a few games a month, changes to overall game made Mundo indestructible and that sound of infested clever will haunt you when you go to sleep (if you want to be mean to lol player just change his/her notification sound with sound of infested clever hitting a target, results are amassing). He does a lot of damage have a lot of HP, insane amount of sustain, excellent mobility, great jungle clear time … he is just op, broken like nothing before. Nerf hammer is aiming at him so use opportunity to to cause nerd rage all over the world.

Next on list is Darius, oh yeah, DA DUNK MASTER OF DOOM, he will broke your dreams, kill your teddy bear, pour gasoline on on you and play with lighter while nailing your long time girlfriend. Now how is he gonna do that? well answer is simple, with his Q, W, E and R with help of new masteries. 18/12/0 all the way. Now in some games you will dominate top lane, place where you will find this brute, but you can not escape his E even if your team collapse and kill DMOD (dunk master of doom) he will do so much damage until he die that rest of his team left to do is clean up. Don’t forget his Q now heal him a lot while it does a lot of damage. Don’t worry his activities are noticed by nerf hammer and we hope it wont see “eve/olaf scenario” all over again since we all enjoy dunking here and there.


JAX IS BACK. Finally some one with real skill when it come to using everything for a weapon. Good old Jax will see summoner rift once again as long as you buy new GUINSOO’S RAGEBLADE! Now Jax it self is not OP unless you buy an item that make him tower stomping machine that he use to be, only problem is he is dooing it to champions now, but it’s weakling meta is the thing now so i expect to see more Jax even when they nerf GUINSOO’S RAGEBLADE! So we will see more league videos on youtube with “can’t touch this” playing in background while Jax is using his E abuility.



Now we will see more and more of OP champs rising to surface and preseason goes and we have more time to test them out, so as always have a miserable preseason even if you are regular everyday League player without illusions of grandeur.

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tentacle jokes all the way

Illaoi The Kraken Pristess

The newest edition to League of Legends champion pool is hard to kill since her tentacles heal her a lot. If you see her on low HP and and her ulty is up DON’T GO IN she will kill you all. Her ult spawn tentacle for every enemy champion near to her and slam champion of her choosing, giving her a lot of heals on every hit.


passive every few secundes spawn tentacle to nearest wall

Q is tentacle slam (skill shoot)

W is jump to target and all tentacle that are close will slam target

E … well she pull your champion soul so she can beat it to obedience

R bunch of tentacle everywhere hitting everything and healing her

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Back to Diablo

Diablo 3 comeback
Reason why I stop playing Diablo is because it did’t give you as gamer enough reasons to stay after you finish campaign. It become boring, you did not have any thing good enough to stay a while and listen (Blizzard killed Deckard Cain … bastards) and Blizzard being what it is now realize that and made changes  that made game more interesting with seasons and new armor sets that make farming more enjoyable. Yes it did become farming simulator but if you play one MMO and spend just one whole day farming in your life you know that can be interesting if you have big end goal.

HOW DID BLIZZARD DO IT AND HOW GOOD IS IT?diablo_3_monk_render_by_alittleelectro-d51fqnd

Well it is good enough to keep you going with paragon levels while you rolling for armor sets while killing elite monsters. And it is really fun to farm with Monk, endless seven-side strike with Uliana’s set, and with Lion’s Claw that gives Seven-Side Strike extra 7 hits max, melting down Rift Guardians is fun and time efficient so farming is interesting. But problem is ONLY Monk have it. Since season started there are no good builds for other characters, so if you want to play wizard do it solo. Rest of classes have limitations how far can you go and problem is that it’s not even close to Monk, they are just underdogs. Basically with Monk, when it come to Greater Rift, you can reach furthest so over 90% of gamer’s are playing monk, and it’s normal and logical to see 3 monks and one Barbarian (spin to win build) in most of teams that push leader board position.

Put monk domination a side what can we expect from next. Are they gonna include good armor sets and play stiles every season for new classes? It would take few years to get it out or they gonna change thing around next season to balance classes and make all of then viable for climbing leader board. We can all agree that top of leader board should be different classes and I would follow it more to see competition for 1st place between monk, wizard and witch doctor.

We will get answers in Season 5 until then we can hope that out favorite class will become viable.

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Heroes Of Storm Beta keys

Heroes of the storm1) G4MRPT-DW9B-RYVE9D-69E9-G724EV

the wolf among us

The Wolf Among Us LOGO

The wolf among us is game made by Telltale studio and it is one of those games that you just want to have in you collection. Thing that impress me about this game is idea behind it, because you get something that we are familiar with but in different light. Most of characters we know from fairy tales from out childhood and some how Telltale make them grow up just like we do by putting them in a world that we live in, and it is scary world to live in.

Now when it comes to how game look like they decide to go with comic book art giving game unique look that leave strong impression on gamer especially if you are comic book art fan. Since this is story driven game background music, voice and ambiance sound push this game on top of my game list. Even sound when you are in game many is more then good, and that intro …

ss_c8c2cf0603f6a956fa4a514a051b0ace5081bed8.1920x1080Game is split in five episodes and every episode  will take you few hours but best part is second, third, fourth play true because this in one of those games that decision making influence story of game and  it will change a lot, so I recommend for first play true go with what you think is right 😀

BigbyWindowSo far episodes 1,2,3,4 are  out and we are waiting for fifth and last episode to complete this more then interesting story or  our childhood characters and to see how they deal with world that we live in and it make us wonder why did we create world like this and what can we really do to change it.

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after 0.9.0

World of Tanks has evolved. New HD tanks arrived with bad ping, game crashes, bad lag, and more player that dont have clue what are they doing in game. Now playing world of tanks feel like Bronze in League of Legends hell that you can not escape or progress from like in League. If you are not in clan only interesting playable mod is random … and random is most of time you vs 29 tanks. But that is not all after 0.9.0 you got bonus credits on WTF E100. that is German auto-loader that can kill Maus in one clip and this week thay give bonus credit to arti players. but not regular arty that is pain in ass any way oh no they give it to auto-loader French arty that rain hell on everyone. War gaming obviously trying to push older players and more experience players that put a lot of hovers in this game away from it. Now how will this poor decision-making influence game play. Answer is simple they are killing they game by trying to compete with Ground Forces they even did flying turret when tank ammo racked. If they put that time in balancing game they wouldn’t  be so worried  about players leaving game when Ground Forces come out. All in all for now World of Tanks is game to spent time on while you waiting.

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Improved team play

Riot find a way to reduce number of fail games with Team Builder. team builder let you chose your position and role that you prefer to play so no more “told 1st” and teams with 2 top lane and no support.


How does it work?

At beginning you chose position (top, mid, jungle, bot) then you choose your role (assassin, fighter, mage, marksman, support and tank) that is information that will show to rest of team. If you have 2 assassin’s in your team you can just change one of assassins for tank for example.

This is good for solo players that did’t decide just to play one role in game and want to change it several times a day, all you need to do in change you settings and find team that can use your skills in that role. Small things like this show that Riot take care of people that play this game and that they want to improve your game experience and to make it more enjoyable for everyone.

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World of tanks with joe pesci

Random lol moments while playing WoT and special “playing World Of Tanks with Joe Pesci” later on i video. Enjoy, like, comment and subscribe for more video on youtube

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W.o.T review

World-of-TanksLast couple of months i played World of Tanks a lot and now I think I can give you review of game that becoming quite popular lately. Reason it took me so long to review it is because you need to have couple thousand games and reach at least tier IX to give fair opinion about this game. As name says it’s game about tanks from 1st tanks to tanks developed in late 50’s so no modern tanks. tanks are split in Tier’s (from tier I to tier X). In game you can see all tanks that heart can desire even “paper” tanks (tanks that never produced or they reached to prototype stage and because of problems never reached mass produced) . 

When you go in game you can see that tanks are split in to Nations that made them. So far you have:

          China         France      Germany        U.K           U.S.A        U.S.S.R        Japan


When it comes to tanks tree’s some tree’s are more developed then other,  Japan tanks tree is new and not developed like German and Russian tree but with every patch they include more and more tanks. When it come to tank types basically you have SPG’s (artillery), Heavy tanks, Medium tanks, Light tanks and Tank Destroyers.


SPGSPG or self prepped gun your goal is to hide close to spawning point and witch to aim mode 😀 look at mini map a lot and help your heavy tanks. you are support and don’t waste ammo shooting on low HP targets, you want to maximize your dmg since late tiers your reload will be over 50s

HeavyHeavy tanks have a lot of armor and HP and you role is to be in center of battle. your strongest armor is in front of tank so don’t let enemy tanks come from side or rear. Most of guns on Heavy tanks have good alfa dmg but they lack in precision so leave sniping to Tank Distroyers.

MediumMedium tanks don’t have armor witch make them mobile tanks, you job is to wait for opportunity to attack. Medium tanks have guns that have good dpm (damage per minute), so you need to shoot a lot and move a lot. moment you stop moving you will die.

LightLight tanks are scout’s and there are two ways to do you job. One is passive scouting, that means go in bush close by and stop moving, don’t shoot and  wait … when 70% of enemy tanks are death then you start active scouting. Basically that means hold W and don’t let it go, moment you stop you die. Active scouting is way more risky, from start of game you need to go long way around, make sure you are behind enemy lines and pry that artillery knows what he is doing. Don’t forget that you can go back to safe zone behind you heavy tanks when it becomes to hot to stay behind enemy lines.

TDTank Destroyers are those that make damage on battle field , your job is to stay hidden and shoot as soon as re-lode let you. if you get spotted move, change position because SPG will one shot kill you since you don’t have a lot of armor and every tank in game don’t have lot of armor on top.


Also important to know is what is RNG and how it influence game? 

RNG is random number generator and it is number that is randomly given to you every time you fire. It will give you random number for damage that you will make and penetration of you shell. That means if armor of tank that you aim at is 200mm and your shell penetrate from 180 to 220 there are chance that you won’t penetrate armor of enemy tanks and you won’t do damage. Best way to check your damage and penetration range is in garage, mouse over your shell and you will see variation that RNG will pull number of every shell. Also important thing to mention is RNG influence aiming. Your aim is circle and RNG will tell in whst point inside that circle shell will go so missing from point blank range is posible.

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