Patch Notes for League june 29 v1.61

  • Players can now earn unlimited rewards per day in Co-op vs. AI. After 180 minutes, rewards continue to be earned at 75% the normal rate.
  • Custom games now have a separate pool of 120 daily reward minutes that is no longer shared with Co-op vs. AI.
    • Only applies to Summoners level 15+. Lower level Summoners earn unlimited rewards per day.
  • Updated the IP reward formula for Co-op vs. AI:
    • Games of medium to long length will yield larger rewards
    • Games of short length will yield smaller rewards
      • On Summoner’s Rift, “short” is generally less than 24 minutes
      • On The Crystal Scar, “short” is generally less than 12 minutes
    • Players should see an increase in IP reward per game so long as they aren’t quickly steamrolling the bots

One thought on “Patch Notes for League june 29

  1. I copy this from League Of Legends official site / news

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