new lee sin skin go out with zyra

New League of Legends champion Zyra is out, you can get her for 6300 IP or 975 RP, usual price and ofc you can buy WildFire Zyra Bundle for 1462 RP. and the best thing about this Zyra update is new skin for lee sin and this is not sagat. After 12 000 years waiting here it is …

The skin look’s cool and you can take a look how does he look a like in game thx to SkinSoptlights. Skin look cool and put smile on your face when he run, it’s like cartoon character. But this skin in not copy of anything, this skin is directly from riot developer head. Take look in video below.

All in all if you have ugly Acolyte now you have reason to change it for same amount of money (can you believe it they cost 975 each) when you can have Segat, as far as i’m concerned they can send Acolyte skin in retirement or just erase him without any explanation i’m fine


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