Diana – Scorn of the Moon Revealed!

New champion is recealed to summoners. her name and title you know and list of her ability’s is below with video


  • Moonsilver Blade (Passive): Diana has increased Attack Speed. Every third strike cleaves nearby enemies for additional magic damage.
  • Crescent Strike: Diana swings her blade to unleash a bolt of lunar energy, afflicting enemies with Moonlight and dealing damage in an arc before exploding.
  • Pale Cascade: Diana creates three orbiting spheres that detonate on contact with enemies to deal damage in an area. She also gains a temporary shield that absorbs damage. This shield is refreshed if all three spheres detonate.
  • Moonfall: Diana draws in and slows all nearby enemies.
  • Lunar Rush (Ultimate): Diana teleports to an enemy and deals magic damage. Lunar Rush has no cooldown when used to teleport to a target afflicted with Moonlight.

So far she remind me of Irelia and Ahry, basically she have small pull and jump at the target, and that is useful for melee champion like her, so we all know that is new top lane champion.

All in all this champion will be fun to play with so i will buy her when she goes out and i recommend you do the same



3 thoughts on “Diana – Scorn of the Moon Revealed!

  1. Pedro MIguel says:

    I liked your blog is very cool and informative 🙂

    • thx, blog is based on League of Legends because this is the game that thing happen weekly and i’m big fun not just of game but big fan of community and the fact that Riot answer to gamer’s request

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