Honoring a Player

Through Honor, you can acknowledge summoners who helped make your game awesome by clicking on the “thumbs up” icon next to the summoner name at the post-game lobby. You’ll also receive Honor of your own when you impress your fellow summoners with your sportsmanship in the game.

Honor Categories

There are those summoners who have the know-how to help you step up your game and are always willing to share. If one of your teammates makes you feel like you’re attending a master class on League of Legends, be sure to recognize him for being a helpful teammate.

Ever meet one of those summoners who – win or lose – is just a pleasure to play with? This acknowledgement goes out to those unsung heroes of the Fields of Justice whose friendly demeanor keeps everyone having a good time even when the chips are down.

Some players really put the needs of the team over their personal interests. These players lead the way on the Fields of Justice, support struggling teammates, and are always the first to step up and select a role the team needs. This acknowledgement is for all those players who understand that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.
Sometimes you run into an opponent who is humble in victory and graceful in defeat. Be sure to acknowledge those adversaries who embody the spirit of sportsmanship as Honorable Opponents.
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2 thoughts on “HONOR!!!!!!

  1. Nhan-Fiction says:

    It’s a good system to encourage ideal behavior. 🙂

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