Snowdown_Showdown_BannerIn honor of greatest Coca Cola propaganda creation (santa claus) we will celebrate Christmas and pwn some noobies in Fields of Justice with Christmas special skins. This year chosen champions are:



Fiddle!!! (look’s poor in game)


Veigar!!! (A.K.A “little **** that stun you”, “**** *** ****” and if you play with him “if i fail to stun i will die”)


AND … KATARINA!!! (when you hit B it look like she is riding a pole)



and of course remember to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and soon on YouTube, because i will make some videos just or you. one more thing … marry new year XD i wish you all the best in this world and that you enjoy hollydays to come no matter who you are and in what you belive or not

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