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LofL_IG_ENGNew ranking system seams interesting, so you have 6 tiers Bronze, Silver Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Dodge Challenger and every tier have 5 divisions so that means a lot of playing with with people your skill level to play with.Now i’m not sure how does it work but it is simplified on picture and if you want to know more you can visit forums or league of legends official web site.

From the look’s of it i like it, especially i like the fact that they are trying to explain new ranking system visually with pictures and i’m sure that they will upload a few video on YouTube where they  will go in to details.You can see they put some time and work into it and i just hope that it will work properly.

Click on picture to see it and read this if you play ranked or just want to try it, GL & HF



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  1. this is good because I’m trying to learn all the details about the game such as this..

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