Giveaway to TK!


Ok, here is the deal, you send me your troll video i give you title TK (troll king) and i give you 1780 RP for have 2 days to send me your video and this ends 23th feb. (in two days) and i will make video and upload it on youtube. Best thing to do is record troll situation upload the video and send me link, or video or full game with time when trolling happened.

Only one rule so far, you can not use someone else video you must be at least in game when big time trolling accrue

You can send me video on facebook ,mail or leave link in comment

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One thought on “Giveaway to TK!

  1. Last day to send me you troll video,leave me a link in comments here or on facebook.or you can send me e mail on

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