New skins for Nidalee, Draven

Nidalee_Splash_6Atm we know that new skins will arrive shortly, and champions that will get new skins are Nidalee, with her new skin that look’s like Akali, any way a lot of MIDalee fans will be happy with Riot decision to give her a new suit  😀




FINALLY new skin for our  favorite executioner,the picture disturbing. You can see Draven axe spinning in his hand and hitting ground start creating sparks. Next thing you notice is his mental face, expressing his emotions. last time he had smile like that was when he was just a boy getting his first kill and win of a day 😀

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4 thoughts on “New skins for Nidalee, Draven

  1. the nid one looks very cool =)

  2. what can i say i’m the best 😀

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