Zac in detail

zacZac is vary fun champion to play, I like what he bring to the team with his utility based ability’s. His passive “cell division” bring memory of times when Anivia was standard pick “Protect the egg!!!”. all in all very disruptive champion and useful to have in team.

slingshotHis E “Elastic Slingshot” tricky ability to use since once you pres E to charge you can not change direction out side 45° that is marked on the ground. Most important thing, when casting E, is patience when charging ofc. 😀 and to predict the movement of enemy champion or a team.

Fun champion to listen  and very good jungler or top lane. i like him more top lane because you can concentrate on your build and goo collecting and in jungle you depend on collecting goo every  time you use ability early game.


Funny thing, about Zac, is when you lose health Zac is shrinking and when you heal he grows

 When it come to build, you go with a lot of HP items like Rylai’s Crystal Scepter, first item so far, Warmog’s armor second, Sunfire Cape  etc. Start items 5 HP pot’s 😀 You can go what ever you want as long as it give you HP Regeneration and HP 😀

Zac noIn a team fight’s you can use a fully charged “Elastic Slingshot” or E to set your self in position for “Let’s Bounce” or R from huge distances, with that mobility you can guaranty stun on adc and ap and ocf your AoE presence is noticeable when enemy team is group up to you. After good engage you can clean up “Stretching Strike”. Sometimes collecting pieces of your goo is helpful and gives you more durability in team fights but don’t relay on that if five members of enemy team focusing you 😉


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