Best Riven NA






3 thoughts on “Best Riven NA

  1. twohp2few says:

    Not really sure that the tournament settled anything but it was still a really cool idea. I’m not usually a fan of mirror matches but at least Riven has a few different ways you can play her. By Sunday I was a little tired of it though.

    • Cool idea, but Fail and reason why … well you can’t go “kill to win” tournament because of delay (mega fail: game over before 3 min mark and viewers can not watch it live because if game is over before casters and we join in), and 2nd fail is 2nd channel, better they stream all day or game scheduled so they won’t go live same time.

      • twohp2few says:

        I also don’t know what your thoughts were, but when they have multiple streams and casters and never update the brackets I felt like I never had any idea of what was going on. I didn’t know who was winning, who was losing, where we were at in the tournament etc. You know it’s not great when you actually have to turn on the twitch chat in the hopes of getting some info 😛

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