No more falling behind

Riot insure us that jungler and support won’t fall behind with new jungle camp and targeted support. Big problem with jungle and support are fact that more then once in game you would have to make choice, ward for team or item for me. now with trinkets your team mate’s can help even help you. Ofc if you play support and you want to continue with ward wars you can, with limitation of one purple and maximum of 3 regular wards on map, no more oracle btw. bad day for some summoners 😀

   New Nasus comes to summoner rift with new skin called Infernal Nasus … well it was about time

                                    3691zPT infn-articlebanner

As time pass by League getting more and more improved, we all know this but i like to point it out and that is we have turret range show en to us, our HP bar is different color, witch it makes easier to set your self apart in team fights , overall game look polished with every update … gj Riot 😀

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