Review of EVE Online

EVE Online is sandbox game not like any  other, and reason why, well there is no conventional level up. That means if you grind you do it  for ISK (in game currency) because leveling up skill will happen even if you are logged off . that was one of first things that interest me about game. Game graphic’s are good when you pres Esc there are a lot of options that are available to player in fact they even give you  option to choose color of interface.

Short introductions:

Races and rookie ships

     Caldari State          Minmatar Republic           Amarr Empire          Gallente Federation


(to see ships click on race name)

You can choose ship no mater race you choose. there are in game special ships like ORE ships. you can buy or build them as soon as you have resources and skill needed to drive ship


Capture2 redoWhen you chose race and build your character you go in game and there you will find your self lost in game mechanics, game is NOT noob friendly. And to be fair you should expect that from sandbox game like this but problem is that you don;t know did you get all items for quest and there are no popup window to tell you you accepted quest or did you set destination, or did you complete purchase on market. Other big problem is lack of tutorials, you have basic poor tutorial where things appear and tell you to go some where and you need to read text and even then you are not sure hat to do. Things like that can go in MMO games if you have similar game, but you don’t have many games like this and those you have are not very popular because of same reasons. when you combine complexity, big map, endless choices you won’t get to far. Kind get felling that game want you to farm and stay close but they give you wast space around you. game feel like beta, unfinished, raw project. Let’s say you are mining and some one attack you here are steps what you need to do, after you receive notification  you neet to move your camera around to find enemy if he start shooting at you follow laser beam, right click on target (witch is hard when camera moving) then right click on you mining drones and get then in bay, scroll down in list to find safe place to warp to … could’t CCP just make shortcut like right click any where and RUN AWAY … ( game to call all of drones back to ship and warp to closest safe location)

 After couple months playing you can say you are familiar with a complex game  like this. the question is do you have time and money to play this game since you need over two years to build the biggest ship in game 😀

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