after 0.9.0

World of Tanks has evolved. New HD tanks arrived with bad ping, game crashes, bad lag, and more player that dont have clue what are they doing in game. Now playing world of tanks feel like Bronze in League of Legends hell that you can not escape or progress from like in League. If you are not in clan only interesting playable mod is random … and random is most of time you vs 29 tanks. But that is not all after 0.9.0 you got bonus credits on WTF E100. that is German auto-loader that can kill Maus in one clip and this week thay give bonus credit to arti players. but not regular arty that is pain in ass any way oh no they give it to auto-loader French arty that rain hell on everyone. War gaming obviously trying to push older players and more experience players that put a lot of hovers in this game away from it. Now how will this poor decision-making influence game play. Answer is simple they are killing they game by trying to compete with Ground Forces they even did flying turret when tank ammo racked. If they put that time in balancing game they wouldn’t  be so worried  about players leaving game when Ground Forces come out. All in all for now World of Tanks is game to spent time on while you waiting.

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