Diablo 3

Diablo 3 Review

As a big Diablo fan that spent years playing true game all over again, and enjoying fighting a good fight against demons and diablo stay the same. Game is a true sequel to his predecessor to something that we all love when come’s to game environment

First thing that you see when you log in is something new and interesting, that put smile on your face. when you log in all pleasant memories are back and you start playing like you did 12 years ago. After you play true on normal, you just continue playing on nightmare … After Nightmare true fun begins on Act I that ends in Act III … weird???? Actually no, because you need to make choice, give up all that you love about diablo 3 and start playing mmo (go farming) or you continue in true diablo  spirit by overcoming boring play true with 10% magic find so you can kill next demon sent to you by Diablo himself. After 12 play true you decide to use only gear with magic find … and they own you like never before. So you go back to nightmare mode , it’s still hard but I WILL have awsome item that will make killing Azmodan easy. but NO you can’t get your lvl item or item that you can find useful, but that wont set you down. press T on your keyboard, get back to camp, change gear, log out, change mission and log in in Act III again and start playing all over again believing you will have more luck this time i case of fail i will do that over and over again … Farming beguines !!!!

1st fail

Now you have gear that you like, that make you believe you can kill Azmodan and you do it, oh what a glorious moment in history of gaming.you decide to do it again only this time with other players so you will get better loot. you log out, in many you chose to join random group of ppl and go to Azmodan and you kill him in 35 sec. I’M AWSOME, loot is shit but i’m awsome, let’s do this again, and again, and again and then you make fatal mistake and inspect lower lvl character  next to you because he is same class but make a tone of damage and he have gear for his lvl

2nd fail

you ask him where did he find that weapon and how much magic find he have on him??? answer was i’m just farming lvl and gold. btw weapon was 2 000 000 on auction house.


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