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try Graves jung before they nerf him


After rework Graves place is in jung since his auto attack is perfect for resetting jungle creeps, with a little bit of kiting you can clear top and bot part of jungle with one pot. Start blu ofc you can allways go do lvl 3 gank then red. Graves is have fast junlge clear time so try to ward enemy jungle and invade as much as you can. Ganking … well just go in lane and start shooting if they flash just dash and finish job. Warning Graves is squishy he will die fast, try keeping enemy at range Rapid Firecanon will help with that.

Runes AD

Greater Quintessence Of Attack Speedgreater-mark-of-attack-damagegreater-seal-of-armorgreater-glyph-of-magic-resist

Masteries 18/0/12

warlords-bloodlustkeystone Warlords Bloodlust

Item build goes something like this

skirmishers-sabre-warrior boots-of-swiftnessrapid-firecannon steraks-gage the-bloodthirster

Last item … recommending some thing with crit 😀

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kha’zix is out

New champion Kha’Zix is out, you can buy champion for 6300 IP or 975 RP and is bundle 1462 RP and you get second skin  called Mecha Kha’Zix and look like this

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Visual Upgrade on Soraka!!!!!

Visual Upgrade on Soraka, the Starchild is more then visual upgrade, it’s something that we all want because she is old Champion that need change. Soraka as one of most used support’s in game deserve those changes and cooldown reduction on healOn picture she look’s great, in game … interesting, well better then before that is sure

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new champion has been announced

Kha’Zix the voidreaver, will be 105th champion that you can summon. If you take the time to examine the many wonders of nature, you’ll find a fair number of animals that are remarkably well-adapted to their environment. It isn’t every day, however, that you run across a creature that can adapt to every environment.

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Syndra second skin!

Syndra going out today, secon skin look cool, so far we know that she is combo based champion and there is hint that she will go out OP, that will improve sail of new champion 😀

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