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W.o.T review

World-of-TanksLast couple of months i played World of Tanks a lot and now I think I can give you review of game that becoming quite popular lately. Reason it took me so long to review it is because you need to have couple thousand games and reach at least tier IX to give fair opinion about this game. As name says it’s game about tanks from 1st tanks to tanks developed in late 50’s so no modern tanks. tanks are split in Tier’s (from tier I to tier X). In game you can see all tanks that heart can desire even “paper” tanks (tanks that never produced or they reached to prototype stage and because of problems never reached mass produced) . 

When you go in game you can see that tanks are split in to Nations that made them. So far you have:

          China         France      Germany        U.K           U.S.A        U.S.S.R        Japan


When it comes to tanks tree’s some tree’s are more developed then other,  Japan tanks tree is new and not developed like German and Russian tree but with every patch they include more and more tanks. When it come to tank types basically you have SPG’s (artillery), Heavy tanks, Medium tanks, Light tanks and Tank Destroyers.


SPGSPG or self prepped gun your goal is to hide close to spawning point and witch to aim mode 😀 look at mini map a lot and help your heavy tanks. you are support and don’t waste ammo shooting on low HP targets, you want to maximize your dmg since late tiers your reload will be over 50s

HeavyHeavy tanks have a lot of armor and HP and you role is to be in center of battle. your strongest armor is in front of tank so don’t let enemy tanks come from side or rear. Most of guns on Heavy tanks have good alfa dmg but they lack in precision so leave sniping to Tank Distroyers.

MediumMedium tanks don’t have armor witch make them mobile tanks, you job is to wait for opportunity to attack. Medium tanks have guns that have good dpm (damage per minute), so you need to shoot a lot and move a lot. moment you stop moving you will die.

LightLight tanks are scout’s and there are two ways to do you job. One is passive scouting, that means go in bush close by and stop moving, don’t shoot and  wait … when 70% of enemy tanks are death then you start active scouting. Basically that means hold W and don’t let it go, moment you stop you die. Active scouting is way more risky, from start of game you need to go long way around, make sure you are behind enemy lines and pry that artillery knows what he is doing. Don’t forget that you can go back to safe zone behind you heavy tanks when it becomes to hot to stay behind enemy lines.

TDTank Destroyers are those that make damage on battle field , your job is to stay hidden and shoot as soon as re-lode let you. if you get spotted move, change position because SPG will one shot kill you since you don’t have a lot of armor and every tank in game don’t have lot of armor on top.


Also important to know is what is RNG and how it influence game? 

RNG is random number generator and it is number that is randomly given to you every time you fire. It will give you random number for damage that you will make and penetration of you shell. That means if armor of tank that you aim at is 200mm and your shell penetrate from 180 to 220 there are chance that you won’t penetrate armor of enemy tanks and you won’t do damage. Best way to check your damage and penetration range is in garage, mouse over your shell and you will see variation that RNG will pull number of every shell. Also important thing to mention is RNG influence aiming. Your aim is circle and RNG will tell in whst point inside that circle shell will go so missing from point blank range is posible.

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