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Improved team play

Riot find a way to reduce number of fail games with Team Builder. team builder let you chose your position and role that you prefer to play so no more “told 1st” and teams with 2 top lane and no support.


How does it work?

At beginning you chose position (top, mid, jungle, bot) then you choose your role (assassin, fighter, mage, marksman, support and tank) that is information that will show to rest of team. If you have 2 assassin’s in your team you can just change one of assassins for tank for example.

This is good for solo players that did’t decide just to play one role in game and want to change it several times a day, all you need to do in change you settings and find team that can use your skills in that role. Small things like this show that Riot take care of people that play this game and that they want to improve your game experience and to make it more enjoyable for everyone.

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Soon we will have new shop and new game HUD. Finally recommended items won’t be first thing that you will see when you start shopping and we will get search bar. Also they have included item filter witch will make it easier for new players to navigate true shop, and grid and list view is included. But most important thing is Skill levels indicator, very good thing for streamers and it opens variety of questions from viewer’s. But that s not all, soon Nidalee will have visual upgrade that will make her more interesting and up to date. New Nid will look better no matter witch for she is and as always be aware of her spear. And for all Nidalee fan out there i wish good season 3 and a lot of skill shoots






Coming soon

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Brand is 1st champion that get exclusive chance to be zombie. Price of skin is 1820 RP and it look great

Dance animation is cool, take a look


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Elise – The spider queen

New champion , Elise will arrive in League soon, so far you can read lore and few interesting stories, and ofc a lot of speculating about her hidden passives.

Abilities (Human form):

  • Spider Swarm (Passive): Elise’s Human Form spells will ready a spiderling when cast on an enemy.
  • Neurotoxin: Elise damages a target based on its current Health.
  • Volatile Spiderling: Elise releases a venom-gorged spiderling that explodes when it nears a target.
  • Cocoon: Elise fires a skillshot that stuns the first enemy struck.
  • Spider Form: Elise transforms into a menacing spider with new abilities. While in Spider Form, Elise deals magic bonus damage on attack and has increased Movement Speed, Armor, and Magic Resistance. Each level of her ultimate allows Elise to summon an additional spiderling.


Abilities (Spider Form):

  • Spider Swarm (Passive): Elise summons her spiderlings to fight by her side. Spiderlings deal physical damage and take reduced damage from multi-target abilities.
  • Venomous Bite: Elise lunges forward and bites her target, slowing them and dealing bonus damage based on how low its Health is.
  • Skittering Frenzy: Elise and her spiderlings gain Attack Speed and heal her on each attack.
  • Rappel:
    • On enemy cast: Elise and her spiderlings ascend high into the air and descend upon an enemy target.
    • On ground cast: Elise and her spiderlings ascend high into the air, becoming untargetable for two seconds. Casting Rappel on a nearby enemy during this time will descend upon your target.
  • Human Form: Elise transforms into a human form with new abilities. Each level of her ultimate allows Elise to summon an additional spiderling.

You saw all of this and now i want you to tell all the games where you saw spider queen before, and name if you can remeber, so leave comment and subscribe on facebook or follow me on twitter

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Kha’Zix champion Preview

New champion i very interesting since he can evolve some of his abilities, he have jump and stealth, very useful in lane and he have heal witch is very good for jungler. All in all very useful bug 😀

ty spazi for video

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