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the wolf among us

The Wolf Among Us LOGO

The wolf among us is game made by Telltale studio and it is one of those games that you just want to have in you collection. Thing that impress me about this game is idea behind it, because you get something that we are familiar with but in different light. Most of characters we know from fairy tales from out childhood and some how Telltale make them grow up just like we do by putting them in a world that we live in, and it is scary world to live in.

Now when it comes to how game look like they decide to go with comic book art giving game unique look that leave strong impression on gamer especially if you are comic book art fan. Since this is story driven game background music, voice and ambiance sound push this game on top of my game list. Even sound when you are in game many is more then good, and that intro …

ss_c8c2cf0603f6a956fa4a514a051b0ace5081bed8.1920x1080Game is split in five episodes and every episode  will take you few hours but best part is second, third, fourth play true because this in one of those games that decision making influence story of game and  it will change a lot, so I recommend for first play true go with what you think is right 😀

BigbyWindowSo far episodes 1,2,3,4 are  out and we are waiting for fifth and last episode to complete this more then interesting story or  our childhood characters and to see how they deal with world that we live in and it make us wonder why did we create world like this and what can we really do to change it.

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