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Diablo 3 comeback
Reason why I stop playing Diablo is because it did’t give you as gamer enough reasons to stay after you finish campaign. It become boring, you did not have any thing good enough to stay a while and listen (Blizzard killed Deckard Cain … bastards) and Blizzard being what it is now realize that and made changes  that made game more interesting with seasons and new armor sets that make farming more enjoyable. Yes it did become farming simulator but if you play one MMO and spend just one whole day farming in your life you know that can be interesting if you have big end goal.

HOW DID BLIZZARD DO IT AND HOW GOOD IS IT?diablo_3_monk_render_by_alittleelectro-d51fqnd

Well it is good enough to keep you going with paragon levels while you rolling for armor sets while killing elite monsters. And it is really fun to farm with Monk, endless seven-side strike with Uliana’s set, and with Lion’s Claw that gives Seven-Side Strike extra 7 hits max, melting down Rift Guardians is fun and time efficient so farming is interesting. But problem is ONLY Monk have it. Since season started there are no good builds for other characters, so if you want to play wizard do it solo. Rest of classes have limitations how far can you go and problem is that it’s not even close to Monk, they are just underdogs. Basically with Monk, when it come to Greater Rift, you can reach furthest so over 90% of gamer’s are playing monk, and it’s normal and logical to see 3 monks and one Barbarian (spin to win build) in most of teams that push leader board position.

Put monk domination a side what can we expect from next. Are they gonna include good armor sets and play stiles every season for new classes? It would take few years to get it out or they gonna change thing around next season to balance classes and make all of then viable for climbing leader board. We can all agree that top of leader board should be different classes and I would follow it more to see competition for 1st place between monk, wizard and witch doctor.

We will get answers in Season 5 until then we can hope that out favorite class will become viable.

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